Babys Boomers and Social Media - Drive Wave of Technology

Baby Boomers and Social Media – Drive Wave of Technology

There’s a new reality sinking in across the industry. Once, digital tools were thought to be table stakes for doing business with young professionals. But the industry is realizing that older investors want them as well—and not giving it to them may mean losing clients, even the gray-hairs that have been in the practice for years.

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Old Chics Video Interview


Virtual interviews are rapidly becoming more commonplace, according to a survey by OfficeTeam, a temporary staffing services firm. Six in 10 of the 500 human resource managers interviewed  said their company often conducts employment interviews via video…

1. Thorough Answers

The platform may be different, but typical interview standards still apply. Does the candidate provide thorough answers without rambling?

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Old Chics in San Francisco
San Francisco, one of our all time favorite cities in the world.  The food, scenery, diversity of cultures. old money and new money, the ocean, the views are just a view of the  many benefits that has always been inviting to the What is Hip  crowd.
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